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0-160 mph in how many seconds? Drag Racing is a rapidly growing segment of NJK.

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0-160 mph in how many seconds? Drag Racing is a rapidly growing segment of NJK. We have been involved in Drag racing since 1992, and continue to learn how to better outfit the Drag racer. Many great Drag Racers have been very influential with the progress of our product. With the many different riding positions of the Drag bikes, it is very important to get a suit geared toward your bike. Some of Drag competitors have done wild flamboyant designs while others tend to be more subtle, and let the bike do the talking. The Drag configuration is conducive to design and logos. Almost all of these suits are two piece and constructed of leather.

The safety side of the Drag suit is changing as we write. A few years ago, riders wore very little in terms of safety gear. Now, riders are seeing that added safety does not have to mean less comfort and a tremendous increase in weight and drag. Also, sanctioning organizations are requiring more safety features in the leathers. Road racing armor throughout is optional, but the majority of the Drag racers we have dealt with tend to opt for double ply leather in all required areas, and closed cell foam padding. Be sure to speak to us about your body position on the bike, so we can optimize your fit and safety.

Drag Racing suits can consist of:

  • Two piece leather configuration
  • Outside the boot cut
  • Two ply leather in all required areas
  • Soft pads anywhere desired
  • Last name in two colors on back
  • Kevlar neck with polar fleece lining
  • Built in poly/nylon lining
  • Brass YKK zippers
  • Elastic and Ratchet waist belt in pants

Additional options include accordion stretch panels, aerodynamic hump, road racing style hard armor, Kevlar stretch paneling, design, and lettering.