Custom Racing Leathers are at the heart of NJK Leathers

We have been making custom and semi custom racing leathers and riding apparel since 1985. You will find many examples of our work, including photos, forms, and descriptions of the many products we can create. We encourage you to read our outlook and hopefully we can build your ideal custom racing leather.

25 years of experience you can benefit from right now!

The safety factor of the racing suit is of paramount importance. While it is true that we are building you a suit to be raced and ridden in, the bottom line is that you are buying a suit that can be crashed in. We want to be sure that we are always doing our best to protect you from the elements you participate in.

We use Bohn armor and many other CE approved protective materials, as well as generous portions of closed cell foam and double ply leather. Some manufacturers charge for protective gear, at NJK, all starting prices include typical pads and armor. Our most expensive suits have the same safety features as our least expensive suits. Design and lettering will add to the cost of a suit; safety factors do not add to the cost. We encourage every rider in every discipline to have the safest gear on the market.

El Diablo Downhill

El Diablo Downhill

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