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We have been making custom and semi custom racing leathers and riding apparel since 1985. You will find many examples of our work, along with photos, forms, and descriptions of the many products we have and can create. We encourage you to read our outlook, and hopefully we can build you your ideal custom racing leather.

The Basics of the Motorcycle Jacket

The jackets were invented back in the 40' and were made famous by Marlon Brando in "The Wild One" and "Rebel Without a Cause". The motorcycle jackets protect the driver torso and arms from cold, wind and abrasions, but in our days the motorcycle jackets became very fast a combination between protection and fashion. However you should buy a motorcycle jacket primarily for the armor value, which prevents major injuries to the driver in the event of falls or accidents and not for the looks.

Generally there are 2 types of motorcycle protective outfits available on the market: the 2 pieces motorcycle jacket and motorcycle trousers and 1 piece which is used predominantly on the racing track. Most of the motorcycle jackets out there are zippered, multi-pocketed and have belted waist. Some of them are double sided or have removable (zipped) sleeves. The best motorcycle jacket is armored. The most expensive (read secure) have elbows, shoulders, chest and back padding. If you cut the budget you're left with armor only for elbows and shoulders.

A better motorcycle jacket should have lots of adjustments but without affecting the easiness of use; multiple pockets for storage and should protect as much as possible against the weather elements. Although all motorcycle jackets offer you a certain degree of protection they come in 3 different flavors: leather jackets, textile jackets and mesh jackets.

El Diablo Downhill

El Diablo Downhill