Racing Leathers are at the heart of NJK and have been since 1985!

It all began with the creation of my own racing suits for Speedway Motorcycle Racing in Southern California in 1985.

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Having rapidly grown out of a very expensive set of custom leathers from another company, my mother was determined to save a couple bucks and build one herself.

I was certain to grow out of that one quickly also. She invested in an industrial machine and built me a suit.

I soon realized that I could build my own suit and Mom was happy to buy me the leather. The first suits weren’t too impressive. But, I began to develop some skills and the quality of workmanship rapidly evolved. Before I knew it, I was making suits for the vast majority of US Speedway racers. Then, I started making suits for Overseas Speedway racers as well and before long, NJK was the most popular brand of Speedway Motorcycle racing suit in the world.

At this point, I hired some help and worked to develop my own style of suit for other types of motorcycle and skateboard racing. We quickly began using the skills I have honed from Speedway into building suits for Road Racing, Flat Track, Drag Racing, Land Speed Racing, Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding.

NJK has also made the scene in movies and television, not to mention an exclusive celebrity and athlete clientele. Our style, materials and open mind to innovation makes NJK an innovator in the racing suit industry.

When a rider has feedback, positive or negative, it is implemented into the next batch of products. Larger companies can no longer offer the personal attention that customers receive when they work with NJK Leathers.

In order for a customer’s input to be felt at a large organization, it is watered through a number of channels; not likely to ever reach the people who make the decisions and designs. No NJK customer is simply a number or a region. Every NJK customer is a valued client with an opinion that we want to hear.

We are often told that we are trend-setters, and that is extremely complimentary. However, the truth is that we are constantly striving to improve our products and find something new, unique and cool. We have more designs filed away than any company in the motorcycle industry, period!

In the more than 35 years that NJK has existed, we have used and or discovered nearly every technique of design, fit and protection that exists in racing safety apparel. Innovation and ingenuity are our goals.

Kelcey Gordon
President, NJK Leathers

We have been making custom and semi custom racing leathers and riding apparel since 1985. You will find many examples of our work, along with photos, forms, and descriptions of the many products we have and can create. Hopefully we can build you your ideal custom racing leather.

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