Frequently asked questions and concerns. READ THIS CAREFULLY!

    1. Should I buy a ready to wear suit or should I go custom? This depends on a number of factors, starting with your goal for a leather suit. If your goal is to get leathers to save yourself some skin and you have a body type applicable to the less expensive race ready models, this is your type of program! If you are a fully sponsored racer that needs lots of logos and graphics or have a more extraordinary body type, the custom route will be better for you.

      Altering and adding logos to these suits will cost more than when we do additions to a custom suit. The reason is that it is drastically more effort to work on a fully assembled suit than to do graphics and lettering on individual panels as we do when we build a custom suit. Also, many times after we alter the size of a race ready suit, the rider will have more invested into a non custom suit as he would have had with a custom suit.

    1. How should leathers fit? Fit is a difficult concept. First, it is very important to be prepared for the fact that a well fitting leather suit fits tighter than any clothing we wear. Wetsuits are some of the only things that will fit tighter. Leathers feel weird. They bind in areas that you are completely unaccustomed to. They limit flexibility. They are heavy. These are things I hear all the time and I think there is validity in those statements. But, suits are designed to be all those things. We want our suit to fit tight enough to prohibit some movements so that in case of a bad fall, the suit will help keep the body intact in the event of extraordinary body positions. We want them to be tight enough to keep pads and protective gear in it’s designated spot. A suit that is really loose will shift in a fall and areas of pads will move from where they are intended to sit.

      We want suits to be snug and aerodynamic. If a suit is too loose, it will fold in non desirable places and impact aerodynamics.

      My goal for fit is for a suit to be strangely snug from the crotch to the base of the neck in the front. I like to see some slack in the back so that the accordion stretch panel is not maxed out in a tuck. When suits are snug in the waist, it maintains good placement for the top and bottom. The knees should stick out a bit when you are standing up straight and form nicely to your knee when bent. The calves should be snug and if they are difficult to zip at first, that is alright. The chest should be a bit looser and the back should feel wide when standing up straight with your arms down. If the back is wide enough, the rider should have increased mobility with his arms.

      The suits in the sample photos fit this rider just about perfectly, BUT... there is no such thing as a perfect fitting suit! The human body is far too complex of a machine to make a one piece leather suit that accommodates every body position and desired aerodynamic result. Our goal is to come pretty close and provide a suit that is the best piece of riding gear that a rider will ever wear.

    1. Will my suit break in? Absolutely! Your suit will make drastic changes through wear, stretching and sweat. Most custom suits start a bit too tight and are worked into their prime performing state. Some things to remember are that suits are a big construction of multiple materials. Also, there is a significant amount of double ply panels that are stiff and need to be used to become as pliable as the rider desires. It will not change a full size, but it will certainly change. 

    2. What is the return policy? The return policy is simple. If you have not ridden in the suit (and we can tell easily when someone has), we will return the purchase price of the suit. The buyer will not be refunded shipping costs and will pay return shipping costs. We will gladly send you a different size but the customer pays the shipping for the exchange also.

  1. Warranty and Repair? NJK will always stand behind our suits. If there is a flaw in the suit, we will gladly fix it free of charge. We consider flaws to be things that are our fault and we want to fix it. Damage done while riding is not considered a flaw and we will charge accordingly for repairs. You WILL put holes in your suit. You WILL break zippers. You WILL wear out certain parts of the suit. Those repairs will be charged for accordingly. We can add your name to the back of any race ready suit at the cost of $100 (included free in a custom suit). We can do most logos and alterations also. These will all be individually bid.


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